Dark Matter by TC Electronics (Distortion pedal test / review)

Dark Matter by TC Electronics (Distortion pedal test / review)
Pedal Frenzy by Have Guitar

Here’s another Pedal Frenzy where I take a look at TC Electronics Dark Matter, a distortion pedal for electric guitar. So, I didn’t really know much about this stomp when I ordered it from Thomann. I know the brand TC Electronics, since the mid 80’s but back then my impression was that it was a high-end quite expensive brand. Or was it me being poorer back then? I don’t really know but this pedal is not expensive!

I can say already that I was pleased by the sounds this pedal can pull off, the sound certainly is not cheap. So in this video I test it out with a bunch different Kemper profiles, trying to cover a wide range of amp styles and sounds to see how the Dark Matter affects the sound.

Yeah, it’s an epic video – considering it’s lenght! Is that a bad thing? I don’t know, I just prefer content over 2 minute videos. But… for your pleasure I have put in an index to the video below so you can jump to the part you wanna see.

02:09 – Live Ready Sound Tweed profile, low gain to crunch (gain 2/10)
06:33 – ReamZone Framus Dragon profile, clean sound with some delay (gain 0/10)
11:59 – BM Profiles Friedman BE 100 profile, quite high gain (gain 6/10)
16:04 – Pete’s Profiles Wizard profile, crunch sound (gain 3/10)
20:09 – ToneJunkie Matchless profile, clean sound (gain 0/10)
25:37 – Conclusion along with some rambling

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Equipment used:
TC Electronics Dark Matter
Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Shawbucker/Custom 50’s)
Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019 (Dirty Fingers+)
Kemper Profiling Amp

TC Electronics Dark Matter

Live Ready Sound Tweed Profiles

ReampZone Framus Dragon

BM Profiles F-man Pack

Pete’s Profiles Wizard

ToneJunkie Match Club

Kemper Profiling Amp

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