Behringer FX600 2K Giveaway!

Giveaway by Have Guitar

So the day came – over 2000 subscriptions on Have Guitar! When I started I doubted if I would get more than a 100 sub’s if even that… so my Thanks to all of You for keeping me motivated to keep on playing and doing my videos!!!

As I did some giveaways at 1000 sub’s it seems natural logic to keep up this habit at every 1K increase. My hope is that as the channel grows (hopefully!) I will be able to do better and better giveaways. Free is always nice of course but I’d love to be able to giveaway some more highend stuff in the future!

This time I am giving away the Behringer FX600 – a Digital Stereo Multi-Effects Pedal. Just watch the video and follow the easy instructions and this pedal could be yours with some luck! There is no hidden stuff going on here, you don’t even have to subscribe to the channel to join in… but of course that would be appreciated if you do that! The only reservation I’ll make is that any taxes or fees that is required for winning something that applies to your countries laws, well that is up to you. Also I will mark the package as a gift and I can’t really take any responsibility if something happends to the pack while it’s being shipped.

So c’mon now and watch the video and join in! The deadline for this giveaway is the Friday 26th of April 2019, 23.59.

Thanks for watching Have Guitar and your support, very much appreciated!

Have Guitar’s review of the Behringer FX600

Behringer FX600

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