Kemper through the Katana FX Loop – test!

Kemper through the Katana FX Loop – test!
…by Have Guitar

Might be this video is slightly overdue but now it’s here. As you might know I already did a video where I test running the Kemper through the Boss Katana, using the aucoustic channel on the Katana and hooking up the KPA straight into the front of the amp. And back then I promised to do a similar test but with the Kemper through the Katanas effects loop and this is it!

In this video you will get the following examples for the four different profiles that I tested out:

* Recorded straight into Reaper (Kemper-SPDIF-Soundcard-Reaper)
* Kemper through my studio monitors, Event ASP8
* Kemper through the Katanas FX loop; Cab on and Cab character set to 0.0
* Kemper through the Katanas FX loop; Cab on and Cab character set to -5.0
* Kemper through the Katanas FX loop; Cab off

I was a bit surprised that the last test did not work that well, sounded a bit harsh to me… I’m open for suggestions if I maybe did some mistake there so feel free to lecture me. Otherwise I still feel it sounds good. So the Katana is not a real FRFR speaker and I’m pretty sure one of those will do the jobb even better. But, then we have the price factor! A Katana costs around 1/3 of a FRFR solution and considering that, well I think it performs pretty darn good as an inexpensive solution. Also as I stated in the video, if the Kemper would fail you – the you have a backup right there in the Boss Katana as that works well on its own.

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Equipment used:
ESP Phoenix II
BOSS Katana 100W combo
Kemper Profiling Amp

BOSS Katana Amplifiers

Kemper Profiling Amp

Profiles from the below profilers have been used in this video:


SGL Profiles


Live Ready Sound

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