Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019 – Unboxing

Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019 – Unboxing
A video by Have Guitar

Well, it has been awhile since I bought something new and I had kinda promised myself not to do it… and then came along the new 2019 line-up from Gibson and goodbye self control.

I do believe there are quite a few nice new models from Gibson but man… their prices has gone up! The previous Tribute models I have seen has been Les Pauls and in Sweden they have been sold for around 1000 USD. This tribute model has a list price from Gibson 1399 USD! And the High Performance series have increased as well.

But anyways, a Gibson Explorer has been on my “to-get-list” since long before I even started playing guitar and this Tribute 2019 just has a stylistically pure design that just spoke out to me. Makes it look raw and clean! Also the Dirty Finger+ pickups has some good rep around the Internets so here we go! This is only the unboxing video, although there is a small sound example included… a thorough review should be up around end October I hope.

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Equipment used in this video:
Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019
Boss Katana
Harley Benton Vintage Overdrive
Minotaur Checkers Ribbon Strap Black

Gibson website

Gibson Explorer Tribute 2019

BOSS Katana

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