Test/Review: Studio lights kit (Three-point lighting)

Have Guitar is luminously presenting a short review of this studio lights kit that just arrived! No more dark videos, no more looming shadows – all problems solved? Sure seems so!

This is a ‘generic’ set of studio lights bought from a swedish webshop called “vidaXl” but I’m pretty sure you could get a kit like this from eBay or any other retailer – thus calling it generic. I think and hope this could be a guide for anyone looking for a solution like this… I’ve had a bunch of suggestions but all have been pretty expensive. Not saying those wouldn’t be worth it but I just didn’t feel flushing out more money on equipment right now.

So the kit contains three LED-lights (5500 Kelvin, daylight level) together with stands, umbrellas and power supplys. With that you can easily set up a three point lighting for video recording or photography, reducing shadows etc. It’s no pro-equipment but it is working and it’s affordable.

I’ve also thrown in a couple of tricks for video editing. I’m using Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14 but these tips should be usable in any video editing software. This is about adjusting the white balance and the color correction in the video to improve the output so I hope someone will have some use of this.

And don’t forget – Fret Nut… Have Guitar!

The studo lights kit was bought here

More info on three-point lighting

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