Kemper Effects: Chorus Stomps

Have Guitar takes a peek at the Chorus stomps effects in the Kemper Profiling Amp. In this effects section you’ll find no less than seven chorus effects; Vintage chorus, Hyper chorus, Air chorus, Micro Pitch, Vibrato, Rotary Speaker and Tremolo – if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it’s probably not a chorus effect you are after! All of these can be placed infront or after the amplifier (virtually speaking of course) and it makes a big difference! I’ll apply all of these seven chorus effects both infront of and ‘behind’ the amp in this video and show you some settings … hopefully in an interesting way so you will learn something about these effecs in the Kemper. Heck, might even be so that you could get something out of the video even if you still run with a real tube amp and stomp boxes on the floor. All sound examples are recorded / lined into Cubase to give you a clear sound of what it sounds like in a recording situation. Guitar used in this video: Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2014 with a Shawbucker in the bridge position and Custom 50’s singlecoils. Some say the effects in the Kemper Profling Amp are not that good but I really don’t know if I agree on that statement. Too me most of them sounds good enough or even better than that… but hey, that’s me. I’m known to prefer the digital reverb in the KPA over a real spring reverb… So, with that said… or rather, written… hope you like the video! If you do please consider subscribing to Have Guitar, I’m doing my best to publish new videos every week and hopefully I get better as I do so. Thanks for watching my videos and a Very Big Thanks to all of you who allready subscribes!


Dumble ODS / 50W HRM Kemper profiles

Kemper official website


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