Test/Review: Gravity Picks

It’s easter and by that time for a new video from Have Guitar: a test of the Gravity picks! If you’ve ever seen these picks you know they are an eye catcher, allmost luminous in the design. I decided to get a pack and try them out and that’s just what this video is about.

The Gravity guitar picks are handmade and comes in many colors and designs. For me, considering that the guitar pick is the connection between you and your guitar, the guitar pick is small but important piece of equipment. It’s always fun and interesting to try out new stuff because you never know how it’ll affect your playing.

Also in the video – a small ‘sound test’ where you can see if you can hear any difference of the picks being used… can you pick 5 out 5 picks?!

Gravity guitar picks

The profile (RZ_87JCM800_S09) used for the ‘test’ is from ReampZones Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series

Rig Showcase – ReampZones Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series 1987

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