Review: Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance (shorter)

So, I decided to make a shorter version of the review and here it is in about half the time. If you don’t wanna hear me talking you can skip to 14:36, where I do some comparing soloing.

So, what’s the Gibson SG High Performance like? How does it sound? And how does it play? In this long review we will try to give you all those answer and then some… with standalone sound examples as well as together with backing tracks.

Featuring mahogany body, g-force tuners, titanium sadles and zero-fret nut, 490R & 498T pickups and a bunch of other upgrades, this isn’t your simple standard Gibson SG. It also includes an aluminium case that is ridiculusly hard to carry due to its weight.

This is an update, ten months after I bought the guitar. There is one thing that really is a let down with the Gibson SG Standard HP and that it the G-force system / tuners. Time from time I did have problems getting the guitar to stay in tune, however that seemed to be more or less sorted as I followed the restring-instructions in the manual… but after c:a 8 months the auto-tuning for the g-string stopped working. As I write this (march 17) it has been sitting in the shop for a month waiting for the replacement tuner.

Gibson SG Standard 2016 High Performance

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